2 Ways to Stay Full of Holiday Cheer without Gaining Weight

November 11, 2015, In: Fitness, Nutrition

If you’re like me, you might be thinking about the dozens of meals that are coming up here in the next few weeks. You don’t have to worry about gaining weight during the holidays though. Let me walk you through my specific plan of getting the most out of my holidays, without losing the cheer OR starving!

You can stay full of holiday cheer without gaining weight! Sound too good to be true? Let me share with you my personal tips for doing it. (They work every time—and through every season of celebration!)

Maintain your Fitness Routine: One of the easiest things to let go of when the holiday season comes upon us is our fitness routine. You might think dropping a workout here and there is no big deal, but the impact may be a bigger deal than you think. First of all, you begin to lose some of the muscle you may have gained simply by not keeping up with your regular routine. Secondly, your muscles help you burn calories when you’re at rest, but what’s really important is that they really kick into gear as you’re working out. Finally, your regular routine may need tweaking for the holidays—consider doing some high intensity training for shorter times—alternate 10 minute ab burning workouts with 20 minute cardio routines. Check out some ideas on spicing up your routines in 2 Reasons to Start Using a Heart Rate Monitor. Bottom line, burn more calories through the holidays simply by sticking to a fitness routine.

Don’t Go to Parties Hungry! Don’t sabotage your efforts by going to your holiday get togethers on a hungry tummy. You’ve heard the same adage when it comes to grocery shopping-the principles are the same. If you head out to a party filled with delicious smells and treats, you may be throwing yourself into a situation you simply cannot resist. Eat a yummy veggie soup like this one that I found from Just Eating Real Food to keep your tummy satisfied and avoid inhaling empty calories found in the crackers, chips, and pretzels that you know will be there. And don’t not eat. Take part in water or club soda with lemon or lime and always make it a rule to have a full glass of water in between any alcoholic drinks (those calories add up quickly too!) I always recommend eating a nutrient dense but low energy (calories-wise) meal like raw veggies or a veggie-based soup or eggs or even protein shake. I love Usana Nutrimeal—check it out by clicking here.

Following these strategies helps prevent me from “binging” a cocktail and dinner parties year after year, party after party. It can help you too!

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