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Lose weight with the KewlFit Weight Management Vest that was designed after the Harvard Medical School study that used a 14°C Cooling Vest to stimulate Brown Adipose Tissue. This tissue has been found in most adults in the neck, spine and clavicle regions only after exposure to mild cold temperatures. Research shows that activated Brown Adipose Tissue through cool temperatures has the potential to burn several hundred calories a day.

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Blendec Blenders & Kitchen Appliances

Save big, plus receive free shipping on Blenddec Factory Recertified Blenders! Certified Refurbished means these blenders have passed inspection and meet the stringent standards we hold for all our machines. With a full 7-year warranty, these discounted reconditioned blenders will perform and delight for many years to come.

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Young Living Essential Oils

Treasured by nearly every ancient culture for thousands of years, this "miracle of nature" has more uses and wellness-supporting benefits than you can imagine. What is this secret that is being used by millions today? Join me and discover this powerful, versatile, and life-changing natural treasure!

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