Flavorful Food is Nutritious: It’s Not a Coincidence

June 12, 2015, In: Nutrition

I recently read a Wall Street Journal article about the connection between flavor in food, nutrition and cravings. It validated my views on eating the highest quality real food available and not getting hung up on calories.  The best takeaway is to lose the fear that fat makes you fat or that carbs are the ultimate enemy.

I often hear “I eat really healthy” from clients.  I always ask what that means to them and the answers usually include statements like, “I eat low fat”, “I stay away from carbs”, or “I don’t eat red meat”.  We all have belief’s about what healthy is based on the successful brainwashing the food industry does through the marketing their hyper palatable fake food.

What about cravings?  I mostly hear from clients that they crave bread, pasta and sweets.  The reason most people crave these foods is because they are addictive.  They make us feel good, for the moment anyway.  When we break the addiction to these blood sugar spiking substances and add in more vegetables, fruit and high quality animal protein, we can experience the cravings our bodies were designed for.  That is craving nutrients our bodies need in that moment.  The article pointed to a study done in 1939 on toddlers’ eating habits.  The children were allowed to feed themselves whenever and whatever they wanted, and as much as they craved.  Researchers provided the toddlers with 34 nutritionally diverse whole foods, including water, potatoes, beef, bone jelly, carrots, chicken, grains, bananas and milk.  The results were fascinating. Instead of eating the sweetest food available, the toddlers ate the foods that nourished them the most.  More protein during growth spurts, more raw beef, carrots and beets after an outbreak of mononucleosis.  One child even drank cod liver oil on his own till his vitamin D deficiency was gone.  Their bodies were able to recognize the flavor in the food to satisfy their nutritional needs.

Most people believe that to have a fit & healthy body requires deprivation and sacrifice.  I believe that having a fit & healthy body requires eating flavorful & delicious food!  I help clients learn and appreciate the amazing flavors that real food offers.  Unfortunately, as the article points out, our food today has less nutrients and flavor compared to 50 plus years ago due to industrialized meat and the depletion of minerals in our soil.  Seek out  seasonal, local, organic vegetables and fruit.  As well as, pastured chicken and eggs, wild fish and grass-fed beef.  Use Himalayan sea salt, spices and herbs to add amazing flavor to your food.  Supplement with high quality vitamins for the deficiency’s in our current food supply. Spend money on the good stuff now and avoid paying for sickness later!

My program & partnership will give you strategies & support to achieve your health & wellness goals. My philosophy is, “ Let’s get back to the real flavors of nutrition and delicious food, and enjoy feeling healthy.”

– Sheila Piehler

Photo: Scott McCracken (flickr)

Sheila Piehler

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