How (and Why) to Start Setting New Year’s Goals Now 

November 25, 2015, In: Lifestlye


New Year’s is just a few weeks away but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start setting your goals now! I want you to hit the New Year running and be successful in your resolutions which means let’s get planning. Read on for some awesome tips for you!

You don’t have to wait to start planning your resolutions. You know that you want to make some changes and that’s enough to start now. People sometimes put a lot of stock in “I’m going to start on such and such a date,” but actually, that can backfire if you don’t have a strategy for making sure you stick to your specific steps to achieve your goals.

People who set goals experience the best there is to experience in life. Specifically, goal setters experience these advantages over their non-goal setting counterparts. Goal setters:

  • Concentrate and focus better
  • Are happier and more satisfied with life
  • Show more self-confidence
  • Suffer less from stress and anxiety
  • Perform better in all areas of life

Why is it hard to follow through on goals? Sometimes the toughest part of the accomplishing any goal is the setting of goals itself. This may be made tougher if you’ve failed at hitting your goals in the past. Put that all behind you and let’s look at some killer goal setting strategies and rewards!

Goal Setting Strategies to Begin Using Now for the New Year Maybe you are ready to change your eating habits. Maybe you want to start a fitness program and target fat release goals and improve heart health. Or you may be ready to address your entire lifestyle and make small adjustments to your current habits in order to achieve the healthiest you in 2016 you can be. Whatever your goals, here are a solid set of strategies to help you get started.

  1. Personalize Your Goals: Make sure that your goals are your own and no one else’s. You may love the new look your sister in law is showing off, but make sure that you love it for you. Copying might be best the best form of flattery, but test your goals to be sure they aren’t based on imitation. Imitators tend to not stick to their plans because they don’t own what it is that they are working toward, and when it gets tough to stick to their plans, they may give up easily and pick up a new fad. It’s always better to choose YOU.
  2. Determine Desired Outcome: Decide what is important for you to accomplish and make sure your options are based on this. You might have dozens of goals, but what’s important is that you narrow these down and focus on the desired outcome for each one. Choose 1-2 and write down or map out the big picture or the end you are looking for. Is it to be down to a healthy weight? List what that would look like for you, in inches, in pounds, in confidence, etc.
  3. Write Down Motivators: Identify what motivates you. Some people are motivated by seeing progress, even in small increments. There are so many tools out there you can use to measure your progress. If you’re going to be jumping into a fitness or improved lifestyle routine, consider using a HR monitor (there are so many great reasons to use one too which you can read up on here!) Does having access to wholesome, organic foods boosts your excitement for food prep. Get a subscription to an organization like Thrive Market which not only provides excellent options for your pantry but also gives back to the community. These motivators will boost your confidence along the way and keep you enthusiastic about continuing to make good choices even when you get thrown off track by life.
  4. Separate the Significant from the Unrelated: Separate any significant from unrelated goals so that your focus is in the right place. You might need to throw out some words, some negative thoughts, and even some people (who are not supportive either by voice or choice of your goals). Personally, I find that by focusing on the positive rather than the negative side of my own goals I am much more successful. So when I coach others on achieving specific fitness goals, I encourage them to use words like fat release instead of weight loss. Your body is made to release fat when presented with the right tools—we focus on how amazing our bodies are and how they work rather than focusing on all the work you have to do to “whip your body” into shape. Your body is ready to work, really, it just needs the right tools and focus!
  5. Reward Yourself: When you have accomplished a goal, you have to take the time to enjoy the satisfaction of having done so. Absorb the implications of the goal accomplishment, and observe the growth you have made towards accomplishing other goals. You should reward yourself!! Decide at the outset what reward you want to give yourself—maybe it’s a specific vacation or wardrobe. Perhaps it’s actually sharing your progress and accomplishment with your family and friends and offering to help someone else do the same. Only you know what is rewarding to you—write it down and work eagerly toward those rewards!

New Year’s is So Exciting!

I love New Years and the way it renews our vision for wellness in lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness, but it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the prospect of starting another year when you might have experienced fewer successes in 2015 or before. I’d love to talk with you about personalizing your goals and building a strategy with specific actions points if you’re ready.

Getting in touch is easy. Contact me today so we can start talking about exactly where you want to be in 2016!

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