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With the Bride Fit program, you’ll get the guidance and support you need to not only look glowing and beautiful in your wedding dress, but you’ll find out the secrets to feeling wonderful, too.

Learn how to avoid becoming the frustrated bride that becomes too focused and stressed over the little things, and become the exceptional bride who is glowing with health and happiness as she walks confidently down the aisle.

The Bride Fit program includes weekly lessons with an engaging video, important resources to help you on your journey, and “homework” that will help you strengthen your brand new skills!

Fit Body

  • Clear up common misconceptions about weight loss
  • Learn nutrition 101 so you can look and feel your best
  • Try THIS special exercise for 4 minutes to get toned—fast
  • Find the best types of supplements to feel your best for your big day


  • Develop the best morning routine for you to reduce stress and prevent early aging
  • Find your tribe of friends and community that you can lean on during tough times
  • Take the time to learn more about yourself and how you express love


  • Learn tips and secrets from highly successful couples for a happier marriage
  • Discover active listening and how to be present with your partner
  • Find out how to avoid anger and resentment
  • Study both you and your partner’s love language and uncover what your needs really are


  • Master healthy home tips so that your environment is healthy and comfortable
  • Learn what chemicals you should avoid for healthier home air quality
  • Embrace a healthier kitchen and add must-have registry items for a better lifestyle


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Sheila Piehler

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